Jean Adaptive Jacket - Stone Wash

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**Patent Pending**  This Adaptive Jacket has been designed to not only look beautiful, but it has all the functionality and comfort a wheelchair user needs.  Each jacket has the following comforts:

  • Two piece design - This allows users and parents alike to get dressed and out the door in a minute or less.
    • Front of Adaptive Jacket has working buttons/zippers but does NOT open
  • The design does not hamper most positioning products and will be underneath the front of the jacket, so the positioning supports only need to be put on one time.  Some positioning products that go under the jacket are listed below:
    • Shoulder Straps
    • Harnesses - 4 and 5 point
    • Seat belts or Lateral Supports
    • Trunk Support
    • Oxygen or G-Tubes
  • Two pockets hidden in the front of the jacket with no closure so items are easy to retrieve.
  • Shoulder closure is Velcro and has multiple options for size adjustment depending on your child.  This helps with growth and also gives your child the perfect fit they deserve.
  • Each arm opens completely up and then can be Velcroed closed with adjustment for different situations
  • Arm shoulder closure allows for tightening across the body.  This helps with growth as well and can also give your child a relaxed or tight fit depending on the temperature.
  • The jacket also tucks back to the back portion and Velcros secure to keep the wind out around the body. 
  • The jacket does not bunch up as the excess material flows onto the child's lap.
  • The jackets lap portion can be tucked around the child's legs for more warmth.


    CLICK HERE for the detailed instruction sheet

    CLICK HERE for the US Size Chart


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