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Bundle Medically Fragile Blue Design Plastic Door and Wheelchair User On Board Plastic Sign Ultimate Bundle Keychain, Dark Blue Autism Plastic Door Sign and Plastic Car Sign Bundle Medically Fragile Red Design Plastic Door and Wheelchair User On Board Plastic Sign Bundle Medically Fragile Green Design Plastic Door and Emergency Car Plastic Sign Bundle Special Needs Flower Design Plastic Door and Wheelchair User On Board Plastic Sign

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Special Needs Car and Door Bundles

Bundles are a fun, less expensive way to get more for your money. These special needs adaptive sign bundles offer great ways to elegantly display the rules to others in your car and home

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Thanks to all that helped with our giving pledge.  Thanks to everyone involved all over the country Rolling Buddies was able to donate over 30 Adaptive Jackets to families in need.

Jacket was perfect for my special needs grandson. A little big but OK and better big than small so he can grow into it. It's not heavy so he can't really use it in low temp winter unless he also puts a good throw/blanket on him but definitely for temperatures around 40 F. It is of great quality, beautifully made and with nice large velcro. We all loved it.

Lourdes, MD

I ordered the wrong size coat for my daughter and they exchanged it and covered all shipping.  Just amazing.  My girl love's her new puffy coat.

Sandy, VA

We love my son's new Pea Coat it is so easy and fast to take on and off.  He also says it keeps him so warm on the bus.

Bobby, MN

Designed by OVER 500 Moms and Dads

Perfect Length

The back part of the jacket is shorter for wheelchair users.  The front of the jacket is longer to ride over the lap to keep them warm.

Free size exchanges

Fast and Easy

2 Piece Velcro Closure Design.  Covers MOST positioning straps.  Back of Cost rides with user.  Front of coat comes off SUPER FAST

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Velcro closure design.  Fits your needs by going around pesky straps or cloths.  Arms fully open for fit.  Multi-year coat due to adjust ability.  

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