FAQ Wheelchair Decorations

Will the wheelchair decoration fit my wheelchair?

Yeswe have designed 24 different designs all with 3 different sizes to fit ALL mobility devices.  Our small size will fit on any chair anywhere.  Our medium size will fit on 20" and up wheels and on armrests.  Lastly, our large size will cover the entire side of most chairs making your child show his or her personality to all.

How easy is this to install?

The hardware kit is very easy to install.  The hardware is plastic horseshoe with double sided tape and Velcro.  CLICK HERE to checkout out our installation page.

Will this product add width to my chair and bang into things?

 No, this product is printed clear plastic less than a 1/4 inch thick.

My kid is rough with everything will this break easily?

 No, this product is made from only the highest quality medical polymer.  Also our product is printed with special ink, three times, to ensure that the design will not scratch off.  If anything does happen to our product at any time notify us and we will send you a new one at no charge.

 Can I put these wheelchair decorations on my kids wheelchair on the wheels?

Yes, these can be attached to your kids wheels so they spin when he moves.  There are two guidelines you need to abide by when attaching a Rolling Buddy to your child's wheels.  One, make sure you use enough attachment hardware so that it is firmly attached and will not come off.  Two, when ordering make sure you order the correct size Accent Panel to fit your child's wheels, as all wheels are different.

If my child hits this with his body will he get hurt?

No, our products are made with the highest grade medical polymers.  They are also manufactured with smooth gentle edges as to ensure no injuries.

 What is your most popular size?

Our small is our most popular size.  Most families purchase four smalls at a time and they put two on each side of their wheelchair.  However, our mediums are fast approaching as our number one best seller.

For more detailed information on our products check out the links below:

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