Dress Up Costume Install

The Dress Up Costume is one of the easiest products to install.  Anyone can do this from grandma to brother or sister.  Below we will highlight in 10 easy steps how the Dress Up Costume is installed.  Next we will provide a downloadable version with pictures for more detail.  After we have included a short video.  Also if you have any questions regarding something you do not see here please call or email us at the contact information at the bottom of every page.  Thanks again for your purchase and all of us at Rolling Buddies hope your child loves expressing themselves everyday in a unique way. 

The 10 Easy Steps to Installation

1.  Unpack the costume carefully.  

2.  Separate the hardware into individual pieces

3.  Separate the Velcro into individual pieces as well

4.  Remove the little Velcro tabs on the fat end of the Velcro one wrap

5.  Choose the best location for your Dress Up Costume Panel on your chair

6.  Locate the best place to put the attachment hardware on your Dress Up Costume Panel so that it connects to the wheelchair

7.  Remove the adhesive backing of the plastic hardware and stick hardware to Dress Up Costume

8.  Loop Velcro through plastic hardware and onto wheelchair

9.  OPTIONAL  Some dress up costumes will have areas that will need stiffeners.  Remove adhesive backing and apply to needed areas.

10.  ENJOY

 Instruction Sheet Provided with Purchase

CLICK HERE to download the instruction sheet

Video Instructions