Our Company

      Rolling Buddies began with the vision to empower children who utilize mobility devices. At Rolling Buddies we understand that it can sometimes be difficult for children to access age-appropriate costumes and toys. In an effort to give your child that access, Rolling Buddies was born.

     Rolling Buddies creates unique accessories that easily attach to any mobility device. Using rolling buddies to display their individual interests and personalities, children feel empowered and proud of their individual interests and personality. Rolling buddies give children access to their favorite characters, sports, superheroes, and much more. A rolling buddy is also a great topic of conversation or prompt to communicate one's thought and feelings. All designs are made of a clear Lexan which is a FDA certified medical grade polymer and have ultra-smooth, safe edges. Rolling Buddies are sanitizable, removable, non-adhesive, and interchangeable. Rolling Buddies have no barriers! 

     At Rolling Buddies, our mission to you and your family is to add happiness and joy to your lives by providing your children with opportunities to access kid-friendly, safe, mom-approved products.

    We look forward to bringing your family that added happiness and bring out the uniqueness that is inside of all of us.

    Rolling Buddies has a commitment to equality, acceptance, and awareness. Rolling Buddies is committed to giving back to the community by supporting local charities and organizations that enhance the lives of our friends that are differently abled. If you would like information about how we can help raise funds or awareness for your cause please contact us at sales@rollingbuddies.com