Free Money for Assistive Technology Weekly Edition: 1

13 Steps for Getting Funded:

  1. Determine what assistive technology you need
  2. Get a cost estimate for what you need
  3. Take a picture of your child with the item you are requesting funding for
  4. Get a letter of medical necessity
  5. Gather important documents for your applications
  6. Submit the item needed and price quote to your insurance to get denial letter
  7. Write a high qulity ask letter
  8. Research funding sources to find the best match for your child
  9. Call and talk to the funders that you select
  10. Complete any forms required by the funder
  11. Make sure to follow up with funder after 30 days
  12. If you are funded, send a Thank you letter
  13. If you get a no, go and get a YES!
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